Friday, October 30, 2009

When the Winds of Art Blow In

I never know when the urge to create will take over.
I've been really sick with the flu lately and yet ideas for creating keep popping into my head. The willingness to do art is there but the energy needed just isn't. I find myself wandering over to my art table, dabbling with one thing after the other. I must have ten projects in the works.
And none of them are related! Like I said, one idea after another.

I find if I don't write some of these ideas down, then they seem to just disappear. I mean, you'd think a really good idea would stick around, just waiting to burst forth onto paper. It all seems so clear when the thought enters my mind. Then. POOF! Gone. Taking all the pretty colors and shapes with it. And the new stuff I'm working on: not the ideas I originally had! Maddening.

I see online that there are lots of art journals. It's like everyone is doing one. My only journalling experiences have been with the written word. Ala diary-type journals. I can't begin to imagine what it takes to start an art journal. The ones I've looked at online are so magnificent and amazing. And "showy". My journalling was always a private thing. Don't get me wrong, I believe I will someday make an attempt at the art journal format. I mean, why not? It's art. I just don't know about the "journalling" part. I could pretend that the journal is a book. And I'm writing the next great novel. Anything could happen.

Keep safe.


Linda L. said...

Hi Tina, can relate to being thrilled and overwhelmed at the same time re: art journals online and to those times when ones creative side is there but kinda jumbled up and all over the place. I believe that a norm for us kindred souls. Just try not too focus on that so much and things just seem to straighten out and often don't realize the how or why.

Art Journals, journals are whatever you make of them. They can be just art, some art with few words, or visa versa. I will email you with some ideas. Start simple is key. Hugs, LinLin

Jenxo said...

its a funny thing art, rarely does anything i envisage turn out the way i had in my head first.

seems theres always a new trendy thing to do [art journals. i maybe being cynical here tho! i do like looking at them and it would be fun to play but i dont think i could ever publish what i write, it would be for my eyes only!!!

liking your new look blog...jenxo