Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ill Wind Blows, Really Blows

This has been a week of failure. Just when I thought I was really going to complete all those artistic endeavors needing to be mailed out. The flu strikes. And I do mean the serious, "Lordy, Lordy", someone please help me kind. Too sick to go to the clinic, too broke to pay for the emergency room. And the lines at all are too long anyway. Self diagnosis via WebMd. Plus I know the culprit at work who brought this stuff into my life. He took out about half a dozen of us.

When I can stay up longer than 10 minutes, I'm trying to finish all those ATCs that are begging for attention. Am making some headway but don't see as how I'm gonna get them mailed out in time for deadlines. I've warned off my friends so that I don't infect them too. Now, I need them to show up and go to the post office for me! Where's my cake? and why can't I eat it too? Oh, because I have no appetite and when I do try to eat, I get nausous, that's why! Illness just makes everything all kaphlooey!

Trying to concentrate is an exercise in futility at the moment. So, this is a short post for now.
When I feel better maybe I'll be back to the same crazy you've gotten used too.


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Jeanie Callaghan said...


It's nice to have something to look forward to when you get better - but don't stress! All of your friends are more than willing to wait for their cards until you're up to doing them again. This, too, will pass. it's sweet of you to try to keep in touch with us now and we're all thinking of you and holding good throughts for your recovery.

Your new cards are very interesting - as always!

Hugs - JeanieBeanie