Thursday, December 23, 2010

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I've been wanting to post the joyous news in my life but that same joy has kept me way to busy.  On Saturday, December 18th I became a grandmother.  This is my first grandchild.  Kohl Alexander brightened out lives at 5:15 p.m.  24 inches long, and almost 8 pounds.  Long, lean, fighting machine.  There were some complications involving his lungs and he was transferred to a local children's hospital for a couple of days observation.  He's home now and showing no signs of distress.  Hallelujah.  My daughter-in-law, not so lucky.  She's in acute pain, from those complications, and since the baby was taken from her only moments after his birth, there's some difficulty with bonding.  I told her not to worry, babies know when love surrounds them.  He'll figure out who his momma is and will come around.  Actually, I believe, the bonding thing is because my D-I-L hasn't had a lot of experience with itty bitties.  Deep breathes.  And swaddling!  She's gonna learn how this "momma thing" works.  I have faith in her. 

When I became a mother, my mom picked up my son for the first time and, while fighting back tears, said something that I didn't understand.  Until now.  She looked at me and with true sincerity, said, " This is so much better than being a mother".  When I sat by Kohl's side in the NICU, I knew that something was brewing inside me.  Something that I couldn't put my finger on.  When he was moved to a private room and I finally got to hold him, I knew exactly what my mom was talking about.  I think I can best describe it this way:  I have studied earth religions, goddess worship, paganism you name it.  I was always intrigued with the concept of matriarchy.  When I held my grandboy, I felt all these pieces fall into place.  Like everything in the world was definitely passed down through the mother.  I could feel my grandmother, my mother and myself.  All of us welcoming this new being into the universe.  Not the world, the universe.  It was so much bigger than this little planet.  All the bells of truth rang all at once.  A cacophony of wonder.  Intense feelings that almost defy description.  Yet, when in the moment, make absolute sense.  Intuition.  Memory.  Devotion.  Faith.  All those theoretical concepts now have meaning.  And, they're in technicolor.  They have texture and smell.  You can hear the emotions.  They whisper, very loudly.  But, only you can hear them.

While I don't actually celebrate Christmas, I know that the fun of sharing joy, gift-giving, and happiness with a small child is in my future and it brings me intense anticipation.  Happy, happy.  Joy, joy.  If I could share this intensity with everyone I certainly would.  All people should have this opportunity.  To feel.

With that said:  I hope all those who celebrate Christmas find complete joy in the holiday.  For those who do not:  I hope you find complete joy also! 

Stay warm and safe,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

...You Guessed It...

Sick again.   This time the flu was followed up with a cold.  A truly miserable cold.

Except this time I tried to use the miseries to my benefit.  Since I was locked inside, unable to do much of anything, I just hunkered down and made art.  Now, before it sounds like I've created the next great masterpiece, I want to say that what I actually created was the beginnings of art.  Such as:  Lots and lots of backgrounds.  Started on an art journal, which is really coming along amazingly.  I had no clue an art journal would be so much fun.  The journaling aspect has proven to be the hard part.  When you're feeling miserable all the words are dark and dreary.  Although, the pages really aren't dark.  The brain that controls color was in full swing.  The control center for vocabulary...not so much.  Without words I guess what I've mainly created is something akin to a coloring book.  For sick, big people.  Or maybe just ONE sick, big people.

One of the other things that I've been doing is surfing the web.  When I didn't think I could do anything artful, I figured I'd just enjoy what others have created.  Guess what I found?  Commandments.  Now, I can't remember where I located them but...there were like 7 or 8 simple instructions for being creative.  All spelled out.  The one that stuck with me though is the one that said:  Get up off your ass and put pen to paper, or paint to paper or thread to fabric.  Whatever it is that you do, do it.  Quit surfing for ideas and techniques.  Those ten minutes you were reading about others doing something, you could've been doing something creative for yourself.  And that's what made me put my misery to work for me.  I can sneeze at the art table just as well as sitting at the computer desk.  And, I wash  my hands more often when I am making art!  Now, when I'm up and feeling better I'll at least have some useful stuff to kick start my art. 

Something I've been fiddling with, for a long time, is an art doll.  Since I don't really sew, I wanted to make one out of paper, glue and paint. I got off to a quick start then fizzled out.  I picked it up again today and made some actual progress on it.  It's currently drying.  Clamps all over.  Looks spooky!  But, I know it's not destined to be spooky.  Kinda like a Harlequin/Jester thing.  All gold and black.  Got to wait and see how it evolves.  Then, if I can figure out how to get pics up I promise to share.  PCs still hate me.

Stay safe,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lovin' Mixed Media

I recently stumbled upon the most wonderfully amazing site.  It's called Lovin' Mixed Media.  I was futzing around on Youtube when I came upon a man named Gary Reef and his spectacular art.  Lots of getting messy type stuff.  You can tell he does a lot of his art out in the garage.  In Norway.  Where it's cold.  And dark for a lot of the time!  But, his art really lightens up those dreary skies.  He's not shy about sharing his imaginative techniques either.  I confess I always wanted to take a can of spray paint to something and his way of combining that with other media just eggs me on to try it.

After joining the site I was inundated with fabulous eye-candy.  Really.  Eye-Candy.  Candy for your eyes, not your tongue.  Except, your tongue doesn't stop wagging after the eyes have feasted.  Ya gotta check 'em out for yourselves.  I'm just sayin'.  All sorts of talent.  Folks doing art from A-Z.  Some dark,  Some funky.  Some so very colorful.  And all are wonderful. 

So, go have a look-see:  

Oh, the funny thing, I misspelled my own damn name when signing up!!  TJina  not Tina.  I think I'll leave it like that for awhile.  I like the pretentiousness of it!!!!  Cracks me up.

Enough for now. 
Stay safe.