Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's been years since I've posted. I'm not even certain why I do it today.  I remembered I once had a blog and went in search of it.  It took three tries before I came up with the right password. A lot has changed with blogger since I ventured here. I hope I can figure out how to navigate through it.

Since my last post my life events have taken me down many a winding road.  I lost my mother on February 5, 2012.  She left a huge hole in my life.  I miss her.

In return, I got a new grand-daughter.  Presley Dean was born on March 30, 2012.  She will never know her great-grandmother.  It is my job to bring Mom into Presley's life.  My mom left behind a portfolio of songs she had written.  I will sing them to Presley and Kohl, sharing a bit of her creativity with them.  I really, really can't sing so I hope the kid-lets won't mind.  Maybe one or both of them will inherit some musical ability from my mom.  My son did.  He's a drummer and can actually carry a tune.  Didn't get that from me. It must skip a generation or something!

I've moved into a larger apartment this year.  With a roommate.  She's been my best friend for almost 30 years.  I am still getting used to having someone around.  After mom died, I was on my own for a year.  I think I liked having peace and quiet.  I didn't have anyone depending on me anymore.  It was liberating.  I did myself an injustice though.  I gave up art.  I know, I know!  How could that be?  After all I'd been through you'd think I couldn't wait to get my hands messy, again.  I couldn't summon up creativity.  I'd sunk into such a deep depression I could no longer find my way out.  It took my friend saying to me that I wasn't living anymore.

While I still haven't fixed up the spare room into my art space, it is on the docket to get done in October.  I have nine days off and have another friend coming over to help put it together.  I signed up to do a partner swap, ATCs with a group of folks I used to be in a club with.  The club disbanded long ago but we're getting together to do small projects.  It was such an amazing group to be part of.  It's a small start.  But, it's a start nonetheless.

I don't expect people to respond to this posting.  Most of you will have forgotten who I am.  That's fair.  I don't hold any grudges.  Maybe the next few months will bring about artistic endeavors that will find their way onto this blog.  Then, feedback will be warranted.  And appreciated.