Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lovin' Mixed Media

I recently stumbled upon the most wonderfully amazing site.  It's called Lovin' Mixed Media.  I was futzing around on Youtube when I came upon a man named Gary Reef and his spectacular art.  Lots of getting messy type stuff.  You can tell he does a lot of his art out in the garage.  In Norway.  Where it's cold.  And dark for a lot of the time!  But, his art really lightens up those dreary skies.  He's not shy about sharing his imaginative techniques either.  I confess I always wanted to take a can of spray paint to something and his way of combining that with other media just eggs me on to try it.

After joining the site I was inundated with fabulous eye-candy.  Really.  Eye-Candy.  Candy for your eyes, not your tongue.  Except, your tongue doesn't stop wagging after the eyes have feasted.  Ya gotta check 'em out for yourselves.  I'm just sayin'.  All sorts of talent.  Folks doing art from A-Z.  Some dark,  Some funky.  Some so very colorful.  And all are wonderful. 

So, go have a look-see:  

Oh, the funny thing, I misspelled my own damn name when signing up!!  TJina  not Tina.  I think I'll leave it like that for awhile.  I like the pretentiousness of it!!!!  Cracks me up.

Enough for now. 
Stay safe.


Jeanie Callaghan said...

Oooooo TJina! I LOVE hearing from you! Love your blog wallpaper. and LOVE LOVE your radio! LOL I'm running (not walking) to check out your suggested link. Take care, girl!


Jeanie Callaghan said...

OOps-it's not a radio - but a locker. (Note to self: get glasses checked!)

AZviaTx said...

Thanks Jeanie. The locker is my old one from work, before they put in new "plastic" ones that you can't stick anything too. Sucks. Glad I had pics of the old one. Wish I still had that bumper sticker though. Alas. Great to hear from you. redopal