Friday, October 30, 2009

When the Winds of Art Blow In

I never know when the urge to create will take over.
I've been really sick with the flu lately and yet ideas for creating keep popping into my head. The willingness to do art is there but the energy needed just isn't. I find myself wandering over to my art table, dabbling with one thing after the other. I must have ten projects in the works.
And none of them are related! Like I said, one idea after another.

I find if I don't write some of these ideas down, then they seem to just disappear. I mean, you'd think a really good idea would stick around, just waiting to burst forth onto paper. It all seems so clear when the thought enters my mind. Then. POOF! Gone. Taking all the pretty colors and shapes with it. And the new stuff I'm working on: not the ideas I originally had! Maddening.

I see online that there are lots of art journals. It's like everyone is doing one. My only journalling experiences have been with the written word. Ala diary-type journals. I can't begin to imagine what it takes to start an art journal. The ones I've looked at online are so magnificent and amazing. And "showy". My journalling was always a private thing. Don't get me wrong, I believe I will someday make an attempt at the art journal format. I mean, why not? It's art. I just don't know about the "journalling" part. I could pretend that the journal is a book. And I'm writing the next great novel. Anything could happen.

Keep safe.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This Flu Ain't Funny

After visiting the land of the dead, I decided it was time to come back home. I've had the flu since Tuesday the 20th and just got back to work on Monday. I've been sick before but nothing in any of my experiences prepared me for this stuff. High fever and rib-breaking cough. Fatigue like I'd been running a 26K everyday, for a month. Without training. Various and sundry aches, pains and complaints. About the only good thing to come of this is that I didn't have an appetite. I couldn't eat for 4 of those days and when I could, it was sparingly. You know, I think I lost 15 whole ounces! Take that Stairmaster. All kidding aside, I was feelin' poorly.

I somehow managed to get a wee bit of art done. 10 minutes at a time, since that's as long as I could stand. Finished up all but one of the swaps/trades I had going. I ran outta steam.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to put pics on this blog and so far, while there are photos here, things really aren't working out well. My capacity for focus and concentration must not have returned, yet. Ugh.

As this is apparently a work in progress, please bear with me. I'll get it. Eventually.

Stay healthy and safe.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ill Wind Blows, Really Blows

This has been a week of failure. Just when I thought I was really going to complete all those artistic endeavors needing to be mailed out. The flu strikes. And I do mean the serious, "Lordy, Lordy", someone please help me kind. Too sick to go to the clinic, too broke to pay for the emergency room. And the lines at all are too long anyway. Self diagnosis via WebMd. Plus I know the culprit at work who brought this stuff into my life. He took out about half a dozen of us.

When I can stay up longer than 10 minutes, I'm trying to finish all those ATCs that are begging for attention. Am making some headway but don't see as how I'm gonna get them mailed out in time for deadlines. I've warned off my friends so that I don't infect them too. Now, I need them to show up and go to the post office for me! Where's my cake? and why can't I eat it too? Oh, because I have no appetite and when I do try to eat, I get nausous, that's why! Illness just makes everything all kaphlooey!

Trying to concentrate is an exercise in futility at the moment. So, this is a short post for now.
When I feel better maybe I'll be back to the same crazy you've gotten used too.


Sunday, October 18, 2009


Lately, I've been feeling the pressure of time unlike any other period in my life.

Today I am seeing the inner clock click away the seconds of my day. I have 5 challenges, swaps or trades in the works and none of them feel like they can be completed. But, I know as a professional "procrasinator" I will dig deep and get them all finished. What I hate about this personality trait is that I always do it. I tell myself, "Hey, you're doing it again, stop it!", and continue to proceed with the same-ol'-same-ol' anyway.

Aren't you supposed to get smarter as you age? Well, can someone tell me when that kicks in? Is there a special day? Or time on the clock? Or a ritual that must be performed? Cuz, I tell ya, I am so ready to do whatever it takes for the "smarts" to kick in and take over!!

Maybe I should invest in some sort of efficiency training. Or one of those time management seminars! When some dude in a fancy suit asks me what my time problem is I can tell him:
"Oh, I'm here so that I can use my time wisely in the creation of art. I get lazy and don't want to put aside all other daily chores or duties and get down to the creation of art. " Can't you see his face! Eyes all big and mouth all agape! "How many employees do you need to manage in your art?""Just me." Except, there's probably some ingenious module created just for the type of person I am. And, after spending $500.00 or more, I'll be fixed! Until real life intervenes and it starts all over again. Money wasted. Money that could've purchased even more art stuff that will sit around waiting for me to finally get to it! Vicious cycle.

So, I guess I'll go back over to the table, for the umpteenth time, and do just a bit more to the six or seven cards spread out on the surface.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quality Matters

How often do you get the chance to spend time with quality people?
"Quality time" has become such a buzzword. I think the person you spend any time with is what matters. If there is a true connection than 2 or 3 minutes can be life changing. I had that experience just a while ago with a friend in Oklahoma. We were IM-ing. I just figured out how to do that 2 nights ago and tonight was so much fun. I could hear her voice. Actually hear the "snerk" she typed. And could visualize her wonder as she looked at her first ATCs. This amazing woman, whom I hold in high esteem, gave ME compliments. On art. WOW. It's not something we've shared in the past. (I think she may have got bit by the ATC bug!) How cool is that? Since this art journey of mine started, I am astounded by the support I have received. My art was something I thought I was supposed to hide. To shy away from the questions my friends asked. I didn't think I was "good enough" to let folks see my work. Now, I know that it doesn't matter, friends let you do what you do. And love you for it. Quality friends may not be numerous, but they will always be the most important element of this, my creative/artistic life.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Help comes from a Friend

Friends are the people who help pull you out of a daze. They have the longest arms in the known "queen"dom. Arms so long that they can reach across the universe of the world wide web. Virtual Friends. Never met. Yet often missed. This new site's first posting is a homage to such people. A wonderful group of "VFs". ATCfor beginners is a Yahoo group that I am blessed to be a part of. It is with great gratitude and humility that I express my thanks to this wonderful group of women. So many have reached from afar to assist, congratulate, advise and cajole in order to help me become a better, more centered & confident artist. It is my pleasure to thank Jeanie for all her assistance. She's the mortar that built this blog. Thanks J.