Thursday, December 23, 2010

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I've been wanting to post the joyous news in my life but that same joy has kept me way to busy.  On Saturday, December 18th I became a grandmother.  This is my first grandchild.  Kohl Alexander brightened out lives at 5:15 p.m.  24 inches long, and almost 8 pounds.  Long, lean, fighting machine.  There were some complications involving his lungs and he was transferred to a local children's hospital for a couple of days observation.  He's home now and showing no signs of distress.  Hallelujah.  My daughter-in-law, not so lucky.  She's in acute pain, from those complications, and since the baby was taken from her only moments after his birth, there's some difficulty with bonding.  I told her not to worry, babies know when love surrounds them.  He'll figure out who his momma is and will come around.  Actually, I believe, the bonding thing is because my D-I-L hasn't had a lot of experience with itty bitties.  Deep breathes.  And swaddling!  She's gonna learn how this "momma thing" works.  I have faith in her. 

When I became a mother, my mom picked up my son for the first time and, while fighting back tears, said something that I didn't understand.  Until now.  She looked at me and with true sincerity, said, " This is so much better than being a mother".  When I sat by Kohl's side in the NICU, I knew that something was brewing inside me.  Something that I couldn't put my finger on.  When he was moved to a private room and I finally got to hold him, I knew exactly what my mom was talking about.  I think I can best describe it this way:  I have studied earth religions, goddess worship, paganism you name it.  I was always intrigued with the concept of matriarchy.  When I held my grandboy, I felt all these pieces fall into place.  Like everything in the world was definitely passed down through the mother.  I could feel my grandmother, my mother and myself.  All of us welcoming this new being into the universe.  Not the world, the universe.  It was so much bigger than this little planet.  All the bells of truth rang all at once.  A cacophony of wonder.  Intense feelings that almost defy description.  Yet, when in the moment, make absolute sense.  Intuition.  Memory.  Devotion.  Faith.  All those theoretical concepts now have meaning.  And, they're in technicolor.  They have texture and smell.  You can hear the emotions.  They whisper, very loudly.  But, only you can hear them.

While I don't actually celebrate Christmas, I know that the fun of sharing joy, gift-giving, and happiness with a small child is in my future and it brings me intense anticipation.  Happy, happy.  Joy, joy.  If I could share this intensity with everyone I certainly would.  All people should have this opportunity.  To feel.

With that said:  I hope all those who celebrate Christmas find complete joy in the holiday.  For those who do not:  I hope you find complete joy also! 

Stay warm and safe,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

...You Guessed It...

Sick again.   This time the flu was followed up with a cold.  A truly miserable cold.

Except this time I tried to use the miseries to my benefit.  Since I was locked inside, unable to do much of anything, I just hunkered down and made art.  Now, before it sounds like I've created the next great masterpiece, I want to say that what I actually created was the beginnings of art.  Such as:  Lots and lots of backgrounds.  Started on an art journal, which is really coming along amazingly.  I had no clue an art journal would be so much fun.  The journaling aspect has proven to be the hard part.  When you're feeling miserable all the words are dark and dreary.  Although, the pages really aren't dark.  The brain that controls color was in full swing.  The control center for vocabulary...not so much.  Without words I guess what I've mainly created is something akin to a coloring book.  For sick, big people.  Or maybe just ONE sick, big people.

One of the other things that I've been doing is surfing the web.  When I didn't think I could do anything artful, I figured I'd just enjoy what others have created.  Guess what I found?  Commandments.  Now, I can't remember where I located them but...there were like 7 or 8 simple instructions for being creative.  All spelled out.  The one that stuck with me though is the one that said:  Get up off your ass and put pen to paper, or paint to paper or thread to fabric.  Whatever it is that you do, do it.  Quit surfing for ideas and techniques.  Those ten minutes you were reading about others doing something, you could've been doing something creative for yourself.  And that's what made me put my misery to work for me.  I can sneeze at the art table just as well as sitting at the computer desk.  And, I wash  my hands more often when I am making art!  Now, when I'm up and feeling better I'll at least have some useful stuff to kick start my art. 

Something I've been fiddling with, for a long time, is an art doll.  Since I don't really sew, I wanted to make one out of paper, glue and paint. I got off to a quick start then fizzled out.  I picked it up again today and made some actual progress on it.  It's currently drying.  Clamps all over.  Looks spooky!  But, I know it's not destined to be spooky.  Kinda like a Harlequin/Jester thing.  All gold and black.  Got to wait and see how it evolves.  Then, if I can figure out how to get pics up I promise to share.  PCs still hate me.

Stay safe,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lovin' Mixed Media

I recently stumbled upon the most wonderfully amazing site.  It's called Lovin' Mixed Media.  I was futzing around on Youtube when I came upon a man named Gary Reef and his spectacular art.  Lots of getting messy type stuff.  You can tell he does a lot of his art out in the garage.  In Norway.  Where it's cold.  And dark for a lot of the time!  But, his art really lightens up those dreary skies.  He's not shy about sharing his imaginative techniques either.  I confess I always wanted to take a can of spray paint to something and his way of combining that with other media just eggs me on to try it.

After joining the site I was inundated with fabulous eye-candy.  Really.  Eye-Candy.  Candy for your eyes, not your tongue.  Except, your tongue doesn't stop wagging after the eyes have feasted.  Ya gotta check 'em out for yourselves.  I'm just sayin'.  All sorts of talent.  Folks doing art from A-Z.  Some dark,  Some funky.  Some so very colorful.  And all are wonderful. 

So, go have a look-see:  

Oh, the funny thing, I misspelled my own damn name when signing up!!  TJina  not Tina.  I think I'll leave it like that for awhile.  I like the pretentiousness of it!!!!  Cracks me up.

Enough for now. 
Stay safe.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


What in the world is going on here?  This is the year of being sick, for me.  I can't seem to stay healthy.  Taking tons of Vitamin C.  Airborne at the first sign of sniffles or sneezes from my co-workers.  You name it.
And what do I get for my troubles?  Sick.  First with the head problems, now this is cold/flu number 5 or 6.  Turning fifty must mean turning into a virus catcher.

And to top it off: the Dallas Cowboys are trying to beat the New Orleans Saints in the annual Thanksgiving Day Football match.  While I am from Texas, originally, I am NOT a Dallas Cowboys fan.  Never have been.  Can't stand 'em.  This is the only part of Thanksgiving I indulge in.  I don't hold this as a holiday to celebrate, anything.  Sorry excuse for giving thanks, in my opinion.  My mother's mother's family is primarily Native American.  So I always feel like a heel, schmuck, hypocrite when this stupid holiday rolls around.  Most of our family does celebrate.  I just can't.  When my son was little I had to put on the show for him.  Until he got old enough to understand why I dislike this day.  (Oooohh: Cowboys just missed a field goal which would've tied up the game!!!)  That gives me a happy.  Back to my rant.  I have a bumper sticker that says:  In 1492 Native Americans Discovered Columbus Lost at Sea.  Makes me smile just imaging the looks on Native faces.  "Who/what are these guys?  Look at how silly they're dressed.  And, they talk funny."  (Dallas LOST: YEA!!!)

I made spaghetti for dinner today.  As far from turkey and dressing as I could get.  Turned out really good too.  Why is it that even when I follow the same recipe for something it hardly ever comes out the same way twice?  That's always baffled me.  Oh well.  Today was a good spaghetti day.  Just be "thankful" right?????

I bet there are many folks going out tomorrow to shop the Black Friday sales.  Not I.  I have to actually work that day.  In retail.  We get packed even though we don't do any kind of big sales.  We're already a used entertainment/bookstore and our prices are very, very low to begin with.  What we have going for us though is that we take in stuff that our customers bring in and they spend trade credit with us instead of money.  They can always take our cash offers but less than 10% take cash.  It's wild and crazy but every Saturday is like that anyway.  We're used to getting crushed.  Like grapes.  But not into wine.  More like jam.  With all those little seeds left in.

Stay safe, happy & healthy!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Idea vs. Sleep

How often does this happen to you:  You're lying in bed, just beginning to drop off and some new/wild/crazy idea pops into your head?  And, while trying to decide if you're even able to reach over and grab a pen & paper, you fall instantly back to sleep?  The next waking cycle (see I didn't say morning!) that wonderful epiphany is gone!  Leaving behind some vague vapor trail.  Just a hint of a tease that drives you nuts all day/night long.  It happens to me so often that I've now become a "Night Writer".  I just reach over, grab the nearest piece of paper and pen and start scribbling.  No thought as to what I'm jotting on.  I've often written over other swell, great, wondrous thoughts, too.  But, at least I have something to try and decipher.  Most of the time these ideas are about art.  A new technique to try, or maybe an insight that finally found its way into my consciousness.  Or, heavens above(!) a way to salvage something that's been going wrong from the get-go.  I love those!  No starting over, just something to add or subtract that gets the whole project back on track.  Wish that would happen more often.
Now, I have a small notebook on the end table, turned to a fresh new page each night, and I tied my favorite pen to it so I don't have to fumble.  I have to continue to write in the dark because if I turn on the lamp then I'll be awake for hours trying to go back to sleep.  And when weighing the cost of lost sleep against the super-stupendous idea, Hey! I'm gonna choose sleep every time!  I'm just sayin'.  So what if I have to try to make heads or tails of what my scribbles are saying.  That's easier than not getting my 4 or 5 hours of sleep each night!  Most times it's more like 3 or 4 hours.  If I ever find the switch that cuts off my incessant  brainwaves I'm gonna flick that thing off so many times I'll need to set up an account with the local electricians union!  Put 'em on speed dial or something.  "Hey, can ya send over Oscar or Leo to take a look at the brain switch that was just installed?  I think it's broken, again."  I say keep your business local. 

Stay safe and restful,

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Butter Fingers!

I was waltzing around my blog.  Trying out all kinds of stuff and I inadvertantly deleted 25 comments from the comment field!  I didn't even know that would happen.  I thought I was getting rid of the comments that needed to be "moderated" and that the actual comments would stay on the blog site.  What a freakin' dope!
This ain't email, for sure!  Wow, I am in serious need of a nerd/geek friend to drag me through this new adventure.  If not, there are going to be many, please quote that, many mistakes in my future! 

The learning curve may have met its match.

Stay safe,

Hey! Did you see that?!

I finally managed to load a photo without help from anyone else.  I know I have lots to learn and any tips on making the layout of this blog more "presentable" would be gratefully and graciously welcome.  (Hint, Hint!)


Girl is Back in Town!

Well...maybe not "Exactly" a girl but a female anyway.

It's been a long while but after fighting major health problems, a computer that finally "shit the bed", family concerns and a miscellany of other forms of crap-o-la; I have made it back to blogland.

New and improved less painful brain, PC complete with DSL (no more damn dial-up!),  good tidings on the family front and just off of a vacation that was much needed and mostly restful.  Big girly sighs all around.   I haven't been able to concentrate long enough to do much by way of art, but I have gotten my fingers dirty every now and then.  You know, just a reminder of what I'm missing.  My art consists of lots of stops & starts.  Small projects yet unfinished.  I hope that someday those little projects will mature into big 'ol honkin' full-scale art pieces.

I did facilitate a small art gathering at my place of employment on Saturday, 28th.  I made up small packets of pre-themed items for creating matchbox shrines.  Our company allows me to do these store sponsored events for our customers.  I had 10 sign up originally and 7 showed up.  And hey!  Two gentlemen even graced our tables.  That so rarely happens.  Lots of fun sharing what little I have taught myself as well as some of the wonderful tips and helpful suggestions I found online from so many fabulous bloggers.  Big thankies to ya' all. 

I am still having some issues with PC related stuff: mainly scanner/printer.  Lost the stupid disc somewhere and haven't found one online to download that doesn't have hidden costs attached to all that "FREE" nonsense being espoused.  (See above crap-o-la statement).  When my old computer went down it took with it all my pictures and scans of art traded away and gifted to others.  It also took all my pics of art send to me.  Luckily I have the real deal to gaze upon, but at this time unable to share the wealth with others.  Hey!  I'm working on it!  For any of you wonderful folks who have been so generous with your time by reading my  rants, raves, laments and other bitching blather, I'm back up and ready to delight you all!!  Or, maybe just piss ya off!  Which is always fun for opening up dialogue, I say. 

So, forgive me for falling out of touch but I will try harder to post more often and now that I can actually post to other sites, get ready for comments I may leave ya!

Stay safe and wonderful,

Monday, April 19, 2010

For Those About to Blog...

I salute you!
A wonderful person has assisted me in  figuring out what in blue-blazes is happening with my blog.  She was gracious enough to post a picture for me, of an ATC that I created and traded to her.  Guess what?  I STILL cannot see the damn thing!  I've gotten a couple of wonderful comments on it also.  I know I made the card, I remember what it looks like, and yet, I still want to see it on my blog!  Is that really too much to ask for?  Am I being unreasonable?  Am I too demanding?  No, I am not any of those things.  (Ok, yes I am, but just not here and about this!).
I guess I'm going to have to spread some cash around to the Geek Squad or someone like that.  A big nerdy person to come to my home, drill me on proper computer use, explain things in a language I cannot speak, then charge me hundreds of dollars, while texting and talking on his/her phone, completely ignoring me the whole time.  I don't know if any of that is true, except the dollars part, but that's my visualization of the situation.  Like I can't come up with my own shame about things much more important!
Just a note:  if this keeps up, I am moving MY show on the road.  Going to find a climate more inviting.  I've been checking out some of the other blog venues trying to decide.  We'll see what lies in store for the future.  For any and all of you who try to read this, thank you from the center of my heart.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Cry "Uncle"

It's been forever and a day since I blasted away at the keyboard.  Since life decided, for me, that I had to shoulder so many burdens, I just haven't felt up to sharing a damn thing!  Yep, I typed a naughty word.  I wish there was a way to type cuss words that you could actually hear.  Without all the fancy technology like videos and other assorted gadgetry. (Is there an app for that?)  Cuz, that's just not gonna happen from this old gal.  I can't even get photos on any Blogger sites anymore.  And, I just don't care.  If I'm supposed to see all the fabulous art that all  my online favorites are doing, thereby enabling me to learn, experiment, experience, well then I guess the Goddess of Personal Computers will have to swoop in and FIX it all up for me.  I give up.  I have literally thrown my hands up and thrown in the towel.  "Uncle".  I cry Uncle.  I concede.  I am no longer interested in playing games with the World Wide Web.  It cheats.  There's an Ace hiding up its sleeve.  And, the damn thing has bodyguards.  Big, burly, snarling pitbull type entities.  Guarding the sacred entries to complete PC happiness.  And, I bet there's a big sign posted somewhere in the ether that states "Do not pass Go, Do not collect information". "Go directly to Jail".  And then call the Geek Squad.  You can't collect $200.00 because it's gonna cost you oh, so much more than that.  There may come a day when I stop signing on.  That will be the day when I turn on my computer, hook up to the Web and a message appears that says "Hello, Is anybody out there"?  Fade to black.  Bye-Bye.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I am...humbled. Let me explain.

The time has come for me to tell everyone about some amazing news. Utterly astounding news to be exact. Ready? I won on the One World One Heart blog event. Now I know that doesn't sound all that wondrous. Let me explain. I won multiple times. Again, not all that uncommon. Let me explain. Following is a list of items, gifts, works of art that are coming my way. Trust me, this is going to be a long posting.  (Updates included in black type.)First: I was awarded a magnificent art journal from Shelly at I've never seen with mine own eyes an art journal. I look at the photos in magazines and online and think, "Wow, I could never do something like that". Now I get an opportunity to view one and yeh, even encase some of my randomness in it. I can't wait to see it. Thanks Shelly.  Shelly's beautiful journal arrived this week and I am in awe of how gorgeous it is.  I don't want to mess it up, but am going to take the plunge and use it for the reason it was created.)Second: I am being honored with a gifting from Jennifer at She picked my number/comment to receive a Scrabble tile with bird artwork pendant, along with a set of tile birdie magnets. I will enjoy wearing the pendant as I adore birds and Scrabble is one of my all-time favorite games. Great pairing of images for your artwork.

Third: Kara from has picked me to receive a reading from "Madame Zolda" using cards created by Kara. I have received this enlightening and informative reading from Madame Zolda but am still processing the valuable findings. I may blog about this at a later time when all the pieces come together in my head. Thanks Kara, I will continue to read your information and get back to you, soon I hope.

Fourth: Over at Rita has created Isis the Monster, a fired tile that she absolutely states is going to be mine by virtue of being picked by a random number generator. This lovely "creature" is without a doubt, one of the most "sketchy" items I could have had the pleasure of being gifted with. Isis is a fiery red, one-eyed beauty against a vibrant yellow background. From the photo of Isis it appears she is all sparkly & shimmery. Yummy monster love. Rita, Isis is just "the bomb".  ISIS has arrived safe and sound at her new home.  And is more spectacular than the blog photo can show.  Thanks Rita for sharing ISIS with me.(Now, I said this was going to be a long post, so keep reading as the abundance is not over.)

The date is now February 16th. I'm mosey-ing along checking gmail, going about my average day at the computer when I see an email with the OWOH heading. Huh? I've answered all the emails from the 15th. Still overwhelmed to say the least. When I get this news:

Fifth: Wendy the Gourd Witch will soon be enlivening my domicile. This is a sweet art doll created by Debb, mistress of With her gourd body and vintage jello mold/tin base, bright orange & black paint, she will fit right in this household. I kid you not! Debb, your art dolls are so much fun and full of quirkiness. Amazing.  Let me tell you about Wendy.  She's just too damn cute for words.  Ok, that doesn't mean I won't come up with something to say anyway.  Her precious little face shows all the wrinkles that any self-respecting witch must have to remain a witch in good standing.   Her hat is the top of the gourd used for her body, with her stringy hair flying every which way.  I love Wendy.Dateline February 17th, 2010: Again with the "just checking my gmail" routine. WHAT? A surprise from another participant in the OWOH event telling me she's sorry that she was a few days late with her notification.

Sixth: (Can you believe this?) The enigmatic Risa is gifting me one of her paintings and a set of greeting cards of her artwork! Her piece is a heart painted with various hues of red and deliciously textured paint. Plus cards I can send to loved ones; that someone else spent hours creating! Yey, I can mail without sitting for hours crafting first! You can find Risa at I've been back a couple of times already.  I got a box full of goodness from Risa today, Feb. 27.  Her painting is so cool, although the colors are so HOT!  I keep touching it because the texture is scrumptious.  Her greeting cards are lovely and I am trying to figure out who's going to get the first one!  Thank you Risa for such beautiful art.
And still, there's more. Thank you's from the heart are forthcoming from: Everyone who commented on her blog gets to download a great collage sheet for personal use. Way cool. Great imagery is always a boon.
While on my magic journey I came across Sandy from Germany made a collage/mixed media piece with a photo of an elderly woman using a spinning wheel. When I saw the photo, I was reminded of my grandmother who had just passed away. The strength emanating from the woman, the steel backbone, the straight-forward stare, that's what I saw that made me gulp for air. I said as much to Sandy in my comment. Next day, email with attachment of photo for personal use. Yep, I get to work this image into my own art. Then, on my blog, there's a comment from Martha of telling me to come back and visit her blog for important information. Ok, off I go to see what Martha's up to. Lo and behold! There's a list of folks that have been picked by Martha to receive a "little surprise" from her. These are extra gifts that she wants to give to a select few whose comments tickled her fancy in one way or another. I admit when I was on her blog, snooping around, I read her profile page and found her answer to the random question posed by blogger to be one of the funniest I'd come across. I just couldn't resist referring to it when I posted my comment. In her email to me she stated that she initially thought my comment was Spam! All I did was offer her a shovel. (Read her profile to find out where the shovel comes in).  (I corrected her blog address above. Sorry Martha, but whoever Trey is, he hasn't blogged since 2003 and really needs to get busy!)Now that you've probably taken at least one "pee break", refilled your coffee or tea cup and possibly wondered if I'm making all this up, I can unequivocally state I am not. Except for the email from Sandy, you can follow up on each blog site to see for yourselves how true all this is.
I did! A couple of times. Cuz, I didn't believe it either!

I've asked myself, countless times, how did I get so lucky?

I think I have an answer. Albeit a very metaphysical reason. Since last autumn, up until this January, I have gone through a great deal of loss, sadness, and, at times, abject depression. It has literally felt like my little piece of the universe has forsaken me and fallen apart.
When I began to lift my head & straighten my spine, I promised myself I would renew my outlook and get on with my life. I couldn't change occurrences but I could use the lessons from life as catalysts for personal change & growth. PTB (the Powers That Be) must've seen this as worthy of reward for coming out of my funk & cloud of self-pity.
Since the universe can't abide a void, it saw fit to fill up the miserable space I had vacated with something positive and astounding. Art. Art from many people who were willing to share their gifts with a stranger. Never knowing that this was not a gift of a "thing" but the presentation of a key. A key to a gate that was in jeopardy of rusting shut. Becoming overgrown with spiny, thorny vegetation. Maybe kudzu. A strangling, destroying entity.

So, I was given a temporary stroke of luck. A little something from PTB to welcome, and encourage, me back to land of the living. But, obviously, with the caveat that I best get busy and contribute a little beauty and creativity as my way of paying back to the sacred realm of art.

Whew! This post is so long I had to take a "pee break!" I can't wait to get some help with this blog so that I can post pictures of the lovely gifts when they arrive. A friend of a friend is willing to help when we can set up a convenient, mutual time. Which is not going to be soon enough for me! I want to show the respect due to all those amazing and talented people who have shown such generosity. They deserve the kudos.

Thanks for staying up and reading this long winded chapter of my life!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Back to Normal? Why?

One World One Heart is over. But that doesn't mean that we go back to our regular routines.
This event has a purpose. To connect. To share. To unite.

For me, the real event starts now.

All those wonderful bloggers who have been frenzied trying to keep up with all the comments left for them to ponder. Now, I get to go back and check out the closets, cubbyholes, nooks & crannies of each blog that I visited while on the mad carpet ride. All those hidden details that may have escaped me the first time through.

I made a new folder in my favorites and bookmarked all those amazing sites so that I could re-visit. I knew if I just added them without labelling, I would likely forget where I found them. I'd probably miss out on something and well....I can't have that now can I?

As a person who didn't have anything to giveaway I have benefited so much. So many whose blogs I visited, came over to say hello. Some gave advice for the technical difficulties of blog ownership. Most importantly: there were so many who gave support for the personal hardships that are encompassing my life. To each and everyone of you, I give my most sincere thanks. You have shown that the Blog-o-sphere is a tiny little village where everyone is a friend.

My blessings are many and to each I share a bit of that fortune.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Special Times"

I don't have any special topic that I wish to write about. I have "itchy palms" tonight. I've been playing with some small art projects for the past few days and needed a break. But apparently my palms don't know when the mind needs a nap. So, I'm gonna "scribble" a few lines instead.

I'm frustrated. No, not the sexy kind, gutter brains! I am having one heck of a time trying to figure out some of the intricacies of this damn blog. I've been having a ball on the OWOH ride but there are so many blogs that I can't leave a comment on. The funny thing: MY stupid blog has the same kind of response "box" as those I can't access. How stupid is that? I make certain I'm signed in, I post the comment, and I get a response that tells me that I am not inputting the "visual verification" correctly. Now, I know what the visual verification is. It's the jumbled up letters that you have to type in. Well, I am not receiving any jumbled up letters to begin with. Can't put in what you're not given.

Now, the real reason this irks me is that there are people out there who's blogs are so cool, or their personality is really amazing and I want to keep in touch. Some of these folks have left comments on this blog. But, I can't get in touch with them because I can't leave a comment and there isn't an email address in their profile. I am going to try to figure out how to get a third party to intervene. Isn't this just the crappiest way to become friends? It reminds me of when I was in grade school: "Hey Brenda! I don't want to talk to Victor myself, would you tell him that I really like him?" I am almost 50 years old, wouldn't go back to grade school if you paid me and I just don't have time to go "blog-spelunking". IWANTABEAGROWNUP. (Foot stamping sounds inserted here) OK, OK. I promise not to act like such a baby, any more tonight.

It took a long time to get to this point and I guess I just wanted one technological thing to be easy. When, in truth, I don't usually trust that which comes....easy. I've found that the things I have to work hardest at are those which mean the most to me in the end. Yep, even this computer stuff. Most of the time, I don't know what I'm doing. I just click away merrily. Believing that things will be okay. Now, there have been, oh let's call them "special times" when stuff just goes poof. Really, poof. Leaving little smoke trails behind. Those "special times" eat up my writing, disappear my artwork, turn blues to greens, post photos upside down or lay them on their sides. Yep, having a computer is just freakin' grand. Truth? Still having a blast with it.

So, in the next week or so, I promise to have artwork posted on this site. Now, there aren't any guarantees that they won't be upside down. And I can promise that the photography will probably be crap-o-la. Or the scans will be itty bitty teeny tiny little pics. Cuz, that's what seems to happen. OR, everything will turn out just fabulous and will possibly elicit an "oooh" or an "aaaw" from some of you. And, if you're able to post a comment to my blog, in the stupid box that won't let ME post comments on others' blogs, well go ahead. Or if anyone has any tips or tricks to pass on......PLEASE, PLEASE do so. I promise to be very grateful although I may not be able to tell you so on your blog!

Kindness is never a weakness.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big Ol' Honkin' Thanx

Still in disbelief.

I am dumbfounded that so many folks have stopped by to say hello. Some of you have left very inspiring messages that make me feel there's hope for this big "chunk" o' rock we congregate on. It takes an event like OWOH to put things in perspective. We don't take time to stop and consider that our days of complexity are intertwined. That the persons on the opposite side of the "chunk" aren't affiliated with us except possibly through an email or two, once in a great while. In fact, we are all part of the whole. It's the connections we make with each other that assist the "chunk" in healing itself. All those little things we do to clean up after ourselves are the catalysts. Those catalysts create the intersections that bring us together.

This "intersection" is very proud of all those who take time to become catalysts for connection.

Much love and adoration to all,

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I honestly thought it would be too busy for anyone participating in the One World One Heart extravaganza to have time to actually respond to comments. I am awestruck by the genuine attempt by so many to reach out, with appreciation, to any who came by for a short visit.

For many, we are caught up in the moment and may not take the time to slow down, browse, snoop (!) and wander around an artist's world. Getting to know someone is a slow and thought provoking process. We are drawn by the art or graphics or colorful background. But, we stay when we "hear" the artist. Their words which illuminate, educate or enlighten. By standing still in their world you bring that artist into your own. Through the miraculous WWW, we get to visit in our own homes. We don't have to search high and low for a catalog, book or magazine. It comes neatly packaged via our monitor.

In the case of this event, we all have until February 15th to sign up for any of the lovely gifts being offered with joy, kindness and love. I know that I am so caught up in each blog site that I visit, that moving on at the speed of light just doesn't work. I like the meandering. Finding out a bit about the person behind the art. Taking time to smell the roses they paint. Petting the lovable creatures crafted with clay. Trying on those hats with swirling plumes. Pouring a cup of tea at a table set with treasures from yesteryear. Yucking it up with their families. Handing them a tissue when life is difficult. This is why I visit. These folks are real. I am real.

You aren't seeing any of my own art on display here. It isn't that I don't wish to share, but I am not technilogically educated and am having difficulty with putting all the graphics stuff together. If it isn't the poor photographic ability, then it's the mechanics of this blog that hinder. For some reason, you can't click on an image and have it enlarge. Naw, I don't know why. Today. This information comes to me when it does. I'm not pushing. It'll probably stick with me longer if it comes creeping in and not by innundation. I'm ok with that.

So, without anything flashy or shiny I give you time. If you want to know me than you will need to slow down and snoop. Read what I have to share. Little thoughts about life's big moments. Big thoughts about life's little moments. Cuz let me tell you: I'm gonna snoop into your world. I'm going to read about the kitties and puppies. I will laugh when you spill the cake batter on the floor. There'll be a high-five when the kids catch their first fish. And I'll cry when all falls apart. This is the gift of time.

To any and all who come by. Thanks for snooping. Come by anytime. Don't worry about leaving a post. Do if you want, or don't. But thank you anyway. This has always been a hit-or-miss with me. Together we'll watch for developements as I get savvy with my blog. Cuz, I will.

Bright Blessings to All,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OWOH One World One Heart

January 25th was the kickoff date for this amazing event. I kept seeing this one icon on different blogs but didn't really think about clicking on to see what it meant. While looking at one blog that I visit every so often, I clicked. Imagine my surprise. I am in awe of one person putting together an event of such magnitude. It's true: One person can make a difference.

Now, I don't know how to put little icons on this blog so you won't see any graphics telling you where to go. I'll spell it out though: or maybe you can google search for One World One Heart. It's up to you. Do or Don't.

I have had a blast jetting around all the different blogs. It's mind-boggling. The shear diversity is amazing. I have found some that I put myself as a follower because they resonate with me. I find some that are not necessarily my "thing". Others have art that I can't connect too but the blogging itself is great. I've bookmarked many so that I can return and delve a bit deeper.

I sense that some of the comments are being left by "treasure hunters". I am much more interested in finding like minded people who are as interesting as they are creative. And, I refuse to be a hypocrit by not admitting that I have signed up for some of the giveaways. What a smorgasbord of art being offered. Incredible.

I had no idea this was going to take place before I posted my previous message. I just knew I wanted to share with the ladies in my two Yahoo groups. They have enriched my journey. Or maybe I should say journies. For it's not just my art journey that has seen enlightenment, but the journey of my current life has as well.

I know that next year I want to participate in this event. It is truly a remarkable endeavor.

To any who visit this: Thank you and welcome.


Monday, January 18, 2010

What would you Give-Away?

Without whining, I am going to tell you about how the new year has gone for me.

It started out with me still being unable to create anything substantial via art. Ok, not the worst that's ever happened. It's like having writer's block. I'll get through it. Time will come when all "art" breaks loose.

My mom is still abed from what we believe to be a small stroke. She's able to talk and move. She is cogent. Yet, she still cannot walk. Well, she can walk a couple of steps but then her legs give out on her. I got her a walker, with a seat, and hand brakes, four wheels. I tell you this thing is like the Cadillac of all walkers. She will only use it when I'm at home, thank goodness. I'm helping her with physical therapy and have hope that she will be up and about in a few more weeks.

Then, on January 12th, my 95 year old grandma died. She was relatively healthy so we weren't expecting it. I have so many glorious memories of my little 4' 9" granny. Short, fat and full of sass. So much so that she married a man who was 6' 8" tall. And had 11 babies with him. Oh, yeah. She knew how to climb all kinds of ladders! She loved her family without question. Even those of us who didn't always follow the rules. She'd pat the seat beside her and put her soft, pudgy arm around us and just hug us tight. She'd lean over and whisper that it didn't matter if anyone, or everyone, was upset or mad at us, she loved us anyway. She said she just knew that we had learned a hard lesson and now was the time to get on down the road and just not do that ever again. I don't remember making the same mistakes twice. Well, there were variations of the same mistake, but not the exact SAME mistake! Some mistakes take longer to improve on!

Two days after her death, I started a mixed media class. I had taken this class before in its fledgling form. A couple of years ago. Now, the class is more structured and the instructor is more focused on her agenda. I am glad for this as I have a need for someone to help guide me in the pursuit of creativity. My mind is not so clear these days (daze). I'm hoping that finally putting paint to paper & canvas will free up my "artist" block. And maybe help clear up some of the cobwebs that are clogging my thought processes.

I am cleaning and clearing out my art space this week also. My plan is to pay homage to my granny by doing a "give-away" in her name. My grandma was 3/4 Choctaw Indian. In a lot of Native cultures a give-away is a clearing, a cleansing. You give away your earthly belongings to clear the way, for the path ahead to be easier, better to navigate. I am creating packets to give away in the Yahoo groups that I belong too. The women in these groups have been incredibly supportive and kind doing these past months of turmoil. I've never met any of them in person but I feel like I have made some wonderful friends all the same. They rightly deserve a little lift to their art supplies, I do say!

I'm looking forward to my next art class. Maybe this will be the week the wall of blocks comes down. If I hear the tumbling noises, I hope I get them recorded. You know, for the next time the wall gets built. I'll push playback and see if that clears the way!

Blessings to all,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


You never now where inspiration will come from.

I've recently signed up to be a follower on blogs from persons who are not in my immediate art groups. I guess I never gave it much thought. How would this benefit me? What kind of information could possibly be sent my way? Then, I found out for myself.

Wow, it is so cool to have automatic cool stuff right there for your perusal. No searching about, following one link to another, not really finding anything to "spark" your imagination. Or, there's so much all at one time that you go into overload. Whew. My wrists are tired just remembering all the links I've followed.

Over at Tammy's site: she's giving away the most amazing art piece. It's an altered box made into a travel trunk. She's created a shrine to a loved one. Her art is up for give-away to persons following her blog. Go check out some of her other art while there. It's beautiful and yes, you guessed it: inspirational!

Have fun making a new friend.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stepping on Cracks

What type of year is this going to be? Will it bring about change that brightens the darkness? Will our world begin to experience difference without fear? Can the challenges facing this, our world, be overcome with dignity, respect and peace? I think it's possible for us to affect change. While we put paint to paper, or thread to cloth, clay to the wheel, and glass to the flame, we are making our corner of the world brighter. Whether it's whimsical, profound, political or primal, we do affect our surroundings. We shine a light where our ordinary eyes can't see. Our everyday sight is heightened to a new brink of awareness. It may seem as if the brink is at the edge of a very deep, dark, strange abyss. Or, maybe the brink is an imaginary line drawn in the sand of a lovely. lonely beach. Maybe, it's the sand in an hourglass. Or, it's the line drawn with crayon by a tender kindergartner.

And, aren't lines meant to be crossed by their very definition? Straight lines by themselves do nothing. It's the moment when something transcends the line that magic happens. Ideas, un-imaginable, spring forth to delight, amaze, amuse and perhaps even terrify us. Without those sparks we have no intention. No base from which to live, to grow, to become. Intersections become the catalyst for change.

Be the change. Do the art. Speak with color. Scream in black and white. Cross the line.

The above has come about because I've not been able to create. These words are my soul screaming for release. I've bottled up my creativity and blamed it on circumstances. By allowing outside events to shape my progress, or lack thereof, I have refused to cross the line. I'm stepping over the line now. No more wailing about pathetic excuses. It's time.

This new year is way too full of possiblility. I think I'll stain my fingers with ink and paint. That sounds like a perfect way to start out. Gotta go. My dearly loved, cluttered art space is calling.

Have a wonderful year. Cross all the lines you find, I promise it won't "break your Mother's back".