Thursday, January 28, 2010


I honestly thought it would be too busy for anyone participating in the One World One Heart extravaganza to have time to actually respond to comments. I am awestruck by the genuine attempt by so many to reach out, with appreciation, to any who came by for a short visit.

For many, we are caught up in the moment and may not take the time to slow down, browse, snoop (!) and wander around an artist's world. Getting to know someone is a slow and thought provoking process. We are drawn by the art or graphics or colorful background. But, we stay when we "hear" the artist. Their words which illuminate, educate or enlighten. By standing still in their world you bring that artist into your own. Through the miraculous WWW, we get to visit in our own homes. We don't have to search high and low for a catalog, book or magazine. It comes neatly packaged via our monitor.

In the case of this event, we all have until February 15th to sign up for any of the lovely gifts being offered with joy, kindness and love. I know that I am so caught up in each blog site that I visit, that moving on at the speed of light just doesn't work. I like the meandering. Finding out a bit about the person behind the art. Taking time to smell the roses they paint. Petting the lovable creatures crafted with clay. Trying on those hats with swirling plumes. Pouring a cup of tea at a table set with treasures from yesteryear. Yucking it up with their families. Handing them a tissue when life is difficult. This is why I visit. These folks are real. I am real.

You aren't seeing any of my own art on display here. It isn't that I don't wish to share, but I am not technilogically educated and am having difficulty with putting all the graphics stuff together. If it isn't the poor photographic ability, then it's the mechanics of this blog that hinder. For some reason, you can't click on an image and have it enlarge. Naw, I don't know why. Today. This information comes to me when it does. I'm not pushing. It'll probably stick with me longer if it comes creeping in and not by innundation. I'm ok with that.

So, without anything flashy or shiny I give you time. If you want to know me than you will need to slow down and snoop. Read what I have to share. Little thoughts about life's big moments. Big thoughts about life's little moments. Cuz let me tell you: I'm gonna snoop into your world. I'm going to read about the kitties and puppies. I will laugh when you spill the cake batter on the floor. There'll be a high-five when the kids catch their first fish. And I'll cry when all falls apart. This is the gift of time.

To any and all who come by. Thanks for snooping. Come by anytime. Don't worry about leaving a post. Do if you want, or don't. But thank you anyway. This has always been a hit-or-miss with me. Together we'll watch for developements as I get savvy with my blog. Cuz, I will.

Bright Blessings to All,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OWOH One World One Heart

January 25th was the kickoff date for this amazing event. I kept seeing this one icon on different blogs but didn't really think about clicking on to see what it meant. While looking at one blog that I visit every so often, I clicked. Imagine my surprise. I am in awe of one person putting together an event of such magnitude. It's true: One person can make a difference.

Now, I don't know how to put little icons on this blog so you won't see any graphics telling you where to go. I'll spell it out though: or maybe you can google search for One World One Heart. It's up to you. Do or Don't.

I have had a blast jetting around all the different blogs. It's mind-boggling. The shear diversity is amazing. I have found some that I put myself as a follower because they resonate with me. I find some that are not necessarily my "thing". Others have art that I can't connect too but the blogging itself is great. I've bookmarked many so that I can return and delve a bit deeper.

I sense that some of the comments are being left by "treasure hunters". I am much more interested in finding like minded people who are as interesting as they are creative. And, I refuse to be a hypocrit by not admitting that I have signed up for some of the giveaways. What a smorgasbord of art being offered. Incredible.

I had no idea this was going to take place before I posted my previous message. I just knew I wanted to share with the ladies in my two Yahoo groups. They have enriched my journey. Or maybe I should say journies. For it's not just my art journey that has seen enlightenment, but the journey of my current life has as well.

I know that next year I want to participate in this event. It is truly a remarkable endeavor.

To any who visit this: Thank you and welcome.


Monday, January 18, 2010

What would you Give-Away?

Without whining, I am going to tell you about how the new year has gone for me.

It started out with me still being unable to create anything substantial via art. Ok, not the worst that's ever happened. It's like having writer's block. I'll get through it. Time will come when all "art" breaks loose.

My mom is still abed from what we believe to be a small stroke. She's able to talk and move. She is cogent. Yet, she still cannot walk. Well, she can walk a couple of steps but then her legs give out on her. I got her a walker, with a seat, and hand brakes, four wheels. I tell you this thing is like the Cadillac of all walkers. She will only use it when I'm at home, thank goodness. I'm helping her with physical therapy and have hope that she will be up and about in a few more weeks.

Then, on January 12th, my 95 year old grandma died. She was relatively healthy so we weren't expecting it. I have so many glorious memories of my little 4' 9" granny. Short, fat and full of sass. So much so that she married a man who was 6' 8" tall. And had 11 babies with him. Oh, yeah. She knew how to climb all kinds of ladders! She loved her family without question. Even those of us who didn't always follow the rules. She'd pat the seat beside her and put her soft, pudgy arm around us and just hug us tight. She'd lean over and whisper that it didn't matter if anyone, or everyone, was upset or mad at us, she loved us anyway. She said she just knew that we had learned a hard lesson and now was the time to get on down the road and just not do that ever again. I don't remember making the same mistakes twice. Well, there were variations of the same mistake, but not the exact SAME mistake! Some mistakes take longer to improve on!

Two days after her death, I started a mixed media class. I had taken this class before in its fledgling form. A couple of years ago. Now, the class is more structured and the instructor is more focused on her agenda. I am glad for this as I have a need for someone to help guide me in the pursuit of creativity. My mind is not so clear these days (daze). I'm hoping that finally putting paint to paper & canvas will free up my "artist" block. And maybe help clear up some of the cobwebs that are clogging my thought processes.

I am cleaning and clearing out my art space this week also. My plan is to pay homage to my granny by doing a "give-away" in her name. My grandma was 3/4 Choctaw Indian. In a lot of Native cultures a give-away is a clearing, a cleansing. You give away your earthly belongings to clear the way, for the path ahead to be easier, better to navigate. I am creating packets to give away in the Yahoo groups that I belong too. The women in these groups have been incredibly supportive and kind doing these past months of turmoil. I've never met any of them in person but I feel like I have made some wonderful friends all the same. They rightly deserve a little lift to their art supplies, I do say!

I'm looking forward to my next art class. Maybe this will be the week the wall of blocks comes down. If I hear the tumbling noises, I hope I get them recorded. You know, for the next time the wall gets built. I'll push playback and see if that clears the way!

Blessings to all,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


You never now where inspiration will come from.

I've recently signed up to be a follower on blogs from persons who are not in my immediate art groups. I guess I never gave it much thought. How would this benefit me? What kind of information could possibly be sent my way? Then, I found out for myself.

Wow, it is so cool to have automatic cool stuff right there for your perusal. No searching about, following one link to another, not really finding anything to "spark" your imagination. Or, there's so much all at one time that you go into overload. Whew. My wrists are tired just remembering all the links I've followed.

Over at Tammy's site: she's giving away the most amazing art piece. It's an altered box made into a travel trunk. She's created a shrine to a loved one. Her art is up for give-away to persons following her blog. Go check out some of her other art while there. It's beautiful and yes, you guessed it: inspirational!

Have fun making a new friend.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stepping on Cracks

What type of year is this going to be? Will it bring about change that brightens the darkness? Will our world begin to experience difference without fear? Can the challenges facing this, our world, be overcome with dignity, respect and peace? I think it's possible for us to affect change. While we put paint to paper, or thread to cloth, clay to the wheel, and glass to the flame, we are making our corner of the world brighter. Whether it's whimsical, profound, political or primal, we do affect our surroundings. We shine a light where our ordinary eyes can't see. Our everyday sight is heightened to a new brink of awareness. It may seem as if the brink is at the edge of a very deep, dark, strange abyss. Or, maybe the brink is an imaginary line drawn in the sand of a lovely. lonely beach. Maybe, it's the sand in an hourglass. Or, it's the line drawn with crayon by a tender kindergartner.

And, aren't lines meant to be crossed by their very definition? Straight lines by themselves do nothing. It's the moment when something transcends the line that magic happens. Ideas, un-imaginable, spring forth to delight, amaze, amuse and perhaps even terrify us. Without those sparks we have no intention. No base from which to live, to grow, to become. Intersections become the catalyst for change.

Be the change. Do the art. Speak with color. Scream in black and white. Cross the line.

The above has come about because I've not been able to create. These words are my soul screaming for release. I've bottled up my creativity and blamed it on circumstances. By allowing outside events to shape my progress, or lack thereof, I have refused to cross the line. I'm stepping over the line now. No more wailing about pathetic excuses. It's time.

This new year is way too full of possiblility. I think I'll stain my fingers with ink and paint. That sounds like a perfect way to start out. Gotta go. My dearly loved, cluttered art space is calling.

Have a wonderful year. Cross all the lines you find, I promise it won't "break your Mother's back".