Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quality Matters

How often do you get the chance to spend time with quality people?
"Quality time" has become such a buzzword. I think the person you spend any time with is what matters. If there is a true connection than 2 or 3 minutes can be life changing. I had that experience just a while ago with a friend in Oklahoma. We were IM-ing. I just figured out how to do that 2 nights ago and tonight was so much fun. I could hear her voice. Actually hear the "snerk" she typed. And could visualize her wonder as she looked at her first ATCs. This amazing woman, whom I hold in high esteem, gave ME compliments. On art. WOW. It's not something we've shared in the past. (I think she may have got bit by the ATC bug!) How cool is that? Since this art journey of mine started, I am astounded by the support I have received. My art was something I thought I was supposed to hide. To shy away from the questions my friends asked. I didn't think I was "good enough" to let folks see my work. Now, I know that it doesn't matter, friends let you do what you do. And love you for it. Quality friends may not be numerous, but they will always be the most important element of this, my creative/artistic life.


Jenxo said...

You know Tina,this is just the beginning, all sorts of friendships and opportunities will come your way....

nice to im isnt it.... i love hearing peoples accents...jenxo

Jeanie Callaghan said...

I hear you, girl. I never think anything I make is good enough. Of course, sometimes I'm right. lol But we set such high standards for ourelves! Every painting does not have to be a masterpiece. If only masterpieces were acceptable, we wouldn't have much art in the world. Art means sharing your outlook on things to expand others' outlook - and vice versa.

Keep on creating!