Thursday, September 2, 2010

Idea vs. Sleep

How often does this happen to you:  You're lying in bed, just beginning to drop off and some new/wild/crazy idea pops into your head?  And, while trying to decide if you're even able to reach over and grab a pen & paper, you fall instantly back to sleep?  The next waking cycle (see I didn't say morning!) that wonderful epiphany is gone!  Leaving behind some vague vapor trail.  Just a hint of a tease that drives you nuts all day/night long.  It happens to me so often that I've now become a "Night Writer".  I just reach over, grab the nearest piece of paper and pen and start scribbling.  No thought as to what I'm jotting on.  I've often written over other swell, great, wondrous thoughts, too.  But, at least I have something to try and decipher.  Most of the time these ideas are about art.  A new technique to try, or maybe an insight that finally found its way into my consciousness.  Or, heavens above(!) a way to salvage something that's been going wrong from the get-go.  I love those!  No starting over, just something to add or subtract that gets the whole project back on track.  Wish that would happen more often.
Now, I have a small notebook on the end table, turned to a fresh new page each night, and I tied my favorite pen to it so I don't have to fumble.  I have to continue to write in the dark because if I turn on the lamp then I'll be awake for hours trying to go back to sleep.  And when weighing the cost of lost sleep against the super-stupendous idea, Hey! I'm gonna choose sleep every time!  I'm just sayin'.  So what if I have to try to make heads or tails of what my scribbles are saying.  That's easier than not getting my 4 or 5 hours of sleep each night!  Most times it's more like 3 or 4 hours.  If I ever find the switch that cuts off my incessant  brainwaves I'm gonna flick that thing off so many times I'll need to set up an account with the local electricians union!  Put 'em on speed dial or something.  "Hey, can ya send over Oscar or Leo to take a look at the brain switch that was just installed?  I think it's broken, again."  I say keep your business local. 

Stay safe and restful,