Thursday, November 25, 2010


What in the world is going on here?  This is the year of being sick, for me.  I can't seem to stay healthy.  Taking tons of Vitamin C.  Airborne at the first sign of sniffles or sneezes from my co-workers.  You name it.
And what do I get for my troubles?  Sick.  First with the head problems, now this is cold/flu number 5 or 6.  Turning fifty must mean turning into a virus catcher.

And to top it off: the Dallas Cowboys are trying to beat the New Orleans Saints in the annual Thanksgiving Day Football match.  While I am from Texas, originally, I am NOT a Dallas Cowboys fan.  Never have been.  Can't stand 'em.  This is the only part of Thanksgiving I indulge in.  I don't hold this as a holiday to celebrate, anything.  Sorry excuse for giving thanks, in my opinion.  My mother's mother's family is primarily Native American.  So I always feel like a heel, schmuck, hypocrite when this stupid holiday rolls around.  Most of our family does celebrate.  I just can't.  When my son was little I had to put on the show for him.  Until he got old enough to understand why I dislike this day.  (Oooohh: Cowboys just missed a field goal which would've tied up the game!!!)  That gives me a happy.  Back to my rant.  I have a bumper sticker that says:  In 1492 Native Americans Discovered Columbus Lost at Sea.  Makes me smile just imaging the looks on Native faces.  "Who/what are these guys?  Look at how silly they're dressed.  And, they talk funny."  (Dallas LOST: YEA!!!)

I made spaghetti for dinner today.  As far from turkey and dressing as I could get.  Turned out really good too.  Why is it that even when I follow the same recipe for something it hardly ever comes out the same way twice?  That's always baffled me.  Oh well.  Today was a good spaghetti day.  Just be "thankful" right?????

I bet there are many folks going out tomorrow to shop the Black Friday sales.  Not I.  I have to actually work that day.  In retail.  We get packed even though we don't do any kind of big sales.  We're already a used entertainment/bookstore and our prices are very, very low to begin with.  What we have going for us though is that we take in stuff that our customers bring in and they spend trade credit with us instead of money.  They can always take our cash offers but less than 10% take cash.  It's wild and crazy but every Saturday is like that anyway.  We're used to getting crushed.  Like grapes.  But not into wine.  More like jam.  With all those little seeds left in.

Stay safe, happy & healthy!

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