Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oooh, Downtime

I'm on vacation!

After my recent bout with the flu, I headed right back to work without benefit of any transitional period. This past week has been long and back-breaking. Now, there's time a-plenty looming on the horizon. Eight days. At least two of those will be catch-up time for some desperately needed rest and recuperation. Then, I plan on heading up to the northeast part of AZ to see some friends. Dear friends, whose health and well being are very important to me. They are the type of people who you just know they love you, unconditionally. Being there with them creates an honest, spontaneous, glorious feeling. Anything I attempt at art is wholly supported and validated with love. I miss them. We live too far away from each other.

And, let me tell you about the food!

Organic, wholesome, nutritious. Fresh eggs & goat cheeses from the next door neighbor. Veggies from the local farmer's market. The clearest, coldest water from the well. And a friend who can cook up a storm. Combine all that with the most amazing "skyscapes", along with the non-city glare of star filled sky and you have the perfect setting for nourishing the soul.

The one commodity that cannot be bottled, canned or packaged in any way: is the quiet.
Quiet that allows the mind to clear out completely. Emptying itself. Then, filling up with color and music. Of a nature untold or beheld. Experiences that while being profound, are yet, confounding. Paradox. While at the same time, being utterly clear and concise. Sometimes you don't even know any of this is happening. Therein lies the magic of solitude. For there is no one but yourself to know if any truth lies within or without. Finding the "quiet" inside, is THE all.

Stay safe.

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