Friday, November 6, 2009


Why do celebrities, athletes, politicians & rock stars incite others to create art in their names?

My mom has a passing obsession with certain celebs. I made this Marilyn Monroe tag style book for her earlier this year. I hadn't tried this before and I think it came out pretty, well, pretty. The scans don't show the pieces in the best light. I'm gonna have to learn how to use my digital camera so that I can take better pics and not have to resort to scanning the images.

Back to my topic: Stars into Art. Why isn't it enough that papparazzi plaster photos onto any and all available surfaces? Why must we play into the obsession by plastering their images onto and into canvas, paper, stone, glass, fabric and plaster? What do we gain from it? By creating and owning our art, does this somehow bring us into closer proximity to the one that we want a connection with? Why must we connect with people whom we won't ever know? Should art be about someone or something that we DO have a connection with? An artist paints a portrait of a person that hires him/her. There are sittings that establish connections. The artist gets to know the subject through dialogue and constant contact. Connection. Although the subject of the painting may not ever become a friend or associate. But we continue to insist on glorifying a person who is already being glorified.

So, yep, I enabled my mom's obsession. And I admit, I had fun doing it. Now, I want to do one for myself. Johnny Depp! I own all his DVDs. And a poster, or two. Never thought I'd glorify him in my art though. But might have to make a hypocrit out of myself!

Stay safe.


Jenxo said...

well i dont know , maybe we just like looking at beautiful people ! and maybe cos we know so much about them , like what they had for breakfast, maybe we do feel connected in a stalkerish kind of way.

love your book, but i would so love to click on the closeups which you can do when you post them in your post!

AZviaTx said...

Jen, I don't know how to do that, yet. Any advice? Would love to hear it.