Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stepping on Cracks

What type of year is this going to be? Will it bring about change that brightens the darkness? Will our world begin to experience difference without fear? Can the challenges facing this, our world, be overcome with dignity, respect and peace? I think it's possible for us to affect change. While we put paint to paper, or thread to cloth, clay to the wheel, and glass to the flame, we are making our corner of the world brighter. Whether it's whimsical, profound, political or primal, we do affect our surroundings. We shine a light where our ordinary eyes can't see. Our everyday sight is heightened to a new brink of awareness. It may seem as if the brink is at the edge of a very deep, dark, strange abyss. Or, maybe the brink is an imaginary line drawn in the sand of a lovely. lonely beach. Maybe, it's the sand in an hourglass. Or, it's the line drawn with crayon by a tender kindergartner.

And, aren't lines meant to be crossed by their very definition? Straight lines by themselves do nothing. It's the moment when something transcends the line that magic happens. Ideas, un-imaginable, spring forth to delight, amaze, amuse and perhaps even terrify us. Without those sparks we have no intention. No base from which to live, to grow, to become. Intersections become the catalyst for change.

Be the change. Do the art. Speak with color. Scream in black and white. Cross the line.

The above has come about because I've not been able to create. These words are my soul screaming for release. I've bottled up my creativity and blamed it on circumstances. By allowing outside events to shape my progress, or lack thereof, I have refused to cross the line. I'm stepping over the line now. No more wailing about pathetic excuses. It's time.

This new year is way too full of possiblility. I think I'll stain my fingers with ink and paint. That sounds like a perfect way to start out. Gotta go. My dearly loved, cluttered art space is calling.

Have a wonderful year. Cross all the lines you find, I promise it won't "break your Mother's back".



Tammy said...

Ah yes what a fabulous way to begin the new year with stained fingers and paint everywhere! Have fun and let your muse run free!
So glad you stopped by my blog today. I love meeting new blog friends. Can't wait to see photos of your works. Have fun!
Happy New Year!

AZviaTx said...

Tammy, thanks for the Hoo-Rah. Those muses just have to have their say, don't they? When they gotta play, they gotta play! redopal

Jenxo said...

Great post...... i hope you are back into it, getting painty again!

Wishing you a very creative new year.......xxxxjen

Linda L. said...

Revealing post Tina and a beautiful one. I understand most of what you are saying but of course not all as it should be, been there and done that or close to. Huge hug, LinLin