Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OWOH One World One Heart

January 25th was the kickoff date for this amazing event. I kept seeing this one icon on different blogs but didn't really think about clicking on to see what it meant. While looking at one blog that I visit every so often, I clicked. Imagine my surprise. I am in awe of one person putting together an event of such magnitude. It's true: One person can make a difference.

Now, I don't know how to put little icons on this blog so you won't see any graphics telling you where to go. I'll spell it out though: or maybe you can google search for One World One Heart. It's up to you. Do or Don't.

I have had a blast jetting around all the different blogs. It's mind-boggling. The shear diversity is amazing. I have found some that I put myself as a follower because they resonate with me. I find some that are not necessarily my "thing". Others have art that I can't connect too but the blogging itself is great. I've bookmarked many so that I can return and delve a bit deeper.

I sense that some of the comments are being left by "treasure hunters". I am much more interested in finding like minded people who are as interesting as they are creative. And, I refuse to be a hypocrit by not admitting that I have signed up for some of the giveaways. What a smorgasbord of art being offered. Incredible.

I had no idea this was going to take place before I posted my previous message. I just knew I wanted to share with the ladies in my two Yahoo groups. They have enriched my journey. Or maybe I should say journies. For it's not just my art journey that has seen enlightenment, but the journey of my current life has as well.

I know that next year I want to participate in this event. It is truly a remarkable endeavor.

To any who visit this: Thank you and welcome.



Debb said...

Thanks for stoping by my blog. Good luck

rebecca said...

thank you for your visit to recuerda mi corazon.
i love what you shared in your post today. it is a lovely thing to reach out far beyond the scope of our individual "neighborhoods" and find inspiration in unexpected places. thanks for your focus on searching for places of significance to you. i too am traveling around and have book marked blogs that have some personal import. thanks for encouraging others to do the same!

Jules said...

Hello Tina, Thank you for visiting Adventures in Thread, it's lovely to meet you. What a great post. I also thought this was a wonderful way to meet others who's blogs I otherwise may not have come across - and it is working! I am also travelling and marking, and I know there will be a few new unexpected friendships coming out of this event. And what fun it is! I wish you lots of luck with the giveaways you've signed up to! Jules

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Anzac are biscuits are biscuits that a biscuit that come from Down Under. Anzac Day is in April I love making them with my school children, they are very tasty and easy to make. I am enjoying visiting so many new blogs and seeing lots of inspiring work.

Jenxo said...

Hey Tina, lovely post. i discovered this last year but didnt sign up as i did feel like bit of a hypocrite when i had nothing to offer. However this year i intend to participate too and will post my giveaway after the weekend.

you know all your 'excess stuff', what bounty that would be for a owoh giveaway! jenxo

Jenxo said...

meant to add this...

a.n.z.a.c = Australian +New Zealand Army Corps.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, Tina. I wish you much luck on your artistic journey. Your Grandmother was wise, indeed. I know she will be missed.

Best wishes,

Julie Nordine . Credit.River.Art.Glass said...

Tina...thank you for stopping by my blog to enter to win one of my OWOH art-glass heart pendants! I wish you luck!

I love how you're using the OWOH event to connect w/ like minded people. You will find many wonderful & creative people out there who want to connect w/ people like YOU!

Enjoy the ride!

Julie (OWOH #155)

Sunny Tuesday said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! It's interesting that my sewing box reminds you of your grandmother. I started collecting these pink (celluloid?) pieces because my grandmother had a sewing box made out of the same material. I have 3 pieces so far, not including the box in the giveaway! Good luck!

Regina said...

Tina....thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Good luck in the drawing. Thank you for the compliments too. I LOVE compliments ummm I mean comments..hehe!!


Linda Fleming said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Yes, we do have geckos in Florida- oodles of them! I adore them and can't help but recreate them. I've sculpted them, made them from wire and beads, sketched and painted them, and made copper cut outs of them. And of course I chat with the real ones that live on my patio and in my gardens ;)

Gale said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting Texifornia. Just the weekend before last we were in Houston visiting family and a friend who was participating in, of all things, a dance competition there. It reminds in of California in that it's just so hugh! Can't tell you how lost we got driving around Houston streets...but had a fun time.

Carapace said...

I'm sorry this is being such a rotten lousy year for you so far. I hope all your troubles lay down and sleep soon, letting you easily tromp all over them. With big booty feet.

OWOH really is great-- lets us all break out of the ruts I think everybody gets into, and opens the whole vast world up to find friends. I hope you'll stick around my blog afterwards-- and I hope you'll send me your email, just in case you win!<:)
OWOH Ticket Holder #21

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

HI there! I can commiserate in the fact that it was difficult to find time to enter OWOH this year! I just entered last night after finding I was feeling left out! Have a nice weekend!

Cat said...

Great of you to stop by!
I totally agree with you about finding like minded people, sometimes I wonder if I will ever see these any of these folks again, I hope so.
Best wishes, Knittnkitten***

Heather's Haven said...

Hi Tina! So glad you stopped to visit my blog, I'm so happy to meet you! You left a comment about my art on etsy being affordable...I have friends who stress about making what people want to buy. I only make what I want to make. I create because I HAVE to, I sell because I have too much!
I'm enjoying your blog and will probably be back!

Joanna Rowan Mullane said...

Hello Tina! I am so happy that you found my blog and I have thouroughly enjoyed connecting with you and reading your insightful posts as well this beautiful morning! I was so happy to read that you are in Tempe and not far from me at all! It has been a pleasure and I will frequently visit your blog to see what beautiful words you write. Have a lovely day!

Linda Fleming said...

Hi Red Opal! So glad you stopped by. I love the way your write and enjoyed reading some of your entries.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog during OWOH. Your comment made me laugh and laugh...changelings are good at bitching? Well...I suppose they might be! They were transplanted from their original habitat after all - all searching for a place to belong. That's enough to make me cranky some days. It's been great to discover your blog on the magic carpet ride.

Pat de Verre said...

Thanks a lot Tina for your kind words about my blog and my jewels. It is a pleasure to meet new friends thanks to Lisa's OWOH. Great opportunity to discover different worlds.
I expect that you can find a tuto to add some pics in your blog.
Take care
Pat from French Riviera

Lonnie Bullington said...

Thank you Tina for snooping. Don't worry about not having followed your dream from the get go. Some times things need to perculate before they can be used. If you want it bad enough it will come about. Just don't slam the door before you find out. Good luck on your journey. I know you will be looking behind those doors and finding the joy of knowledge. Best of luck on winning the rabbit.
From a fellow Arizonian, Lonnie Bullington said...

Hey, thanks for being a follower! I am definitely a little kooky sometimes, so watch out! :) anyways, just wanted to say hi, and welcome to my blog! hope you will visit often!


Vanessa said...

Thank you for your comment while on the Magic Carpet Ride. I totally relate to the technology stuff! I have some help with a sister, it is a HUGE learning curve. I am glad to be a friend of yours and value your sincerity and honesty too! The treasures are awesome aren't they? I enjoy reading my comments about my giveaway Teddy Bear To Sir With Love. I'll bookmark you and maybe our fortune will be found in friendship!Email and we will share what we have learned on building our web tech skills!

Enjoy the ride!


JUNE said...

Thank you for really visiting my blog..and no it is anything but boring at my the meantime, if you win, Janis is yours...good luck, thx for playing, June

Her Art Nest said...

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and entering my giveaway for the handmade knitted items. I can feel your frustration when it comes to starting up a blog. It took me two days straight just to figure out how to add links, photos, etc. And "new posts" were challenging. I still haven't figured it all out! Keep experimenting, just keep traveling around the site, and you will learn a little more day by day. Ask someone who possibly lives near you to drop by and give you a hand. Remember you really can't mess it can always delete or edit to remove things. Enjoy the journey and take care,

CreativSpirit said...

Hi Tina,

I have just sent a message per email, but decided also to leave you a little message here. I love your post and also the lovely message you left for me. Thank you.
OWOH is a wonderful journey which I will be looking forward to being a part of again next year, hope to see you here again. I'm off to have a look around your place now.


Tammie Lee said...

I am glad you are having a wonderful time flying about on your magic carpet. I like the way you share about this event. The connections are such a gift. Thank you for enjoying my photography. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Melinda Cornish said...

it is a great event! so fun to meet so many other people...thanks for stopping by my blog...melinda

Dawn said...

Hi Tina

thanks for stopping by, had fun reading your posts..You should definitely take part next year, it's a great way to find new creativity and blogs..
Stop on by anytime

Dawn in Scotland