Thursday, January 28, 2010


I honestly thought it would be too busy for anyone participating in the One World One Heart extravaganza to have time to actually respond to comments. I am awestruck by the genuine attempt by so many to reach out, with appreciation, to any who came by for a short visit.

For many, we are caught up in the moment and may not take the time to slow down, browse, snoop (!) and wander around an artist's world. Getting to know someone is a slow and thought provoking process. We are drawn by the art or graphics or colorful background. But, we stay when we "hear" the artist. Their words which illuminate, educate or enlighten. By standing still in their world you bring that artist into your own. Through the miraculous WWW, we get to visit in our own homes. We don't have to search high and low for a catalog, book or magazine. It comes neatly packaged via our monitor.

In the case of this event, we all have until February 15th to sign up for any of the lovely gifts being offered with joy, kindness and love. I know that I am so caught up in each blog site that I visit, that moving on at the speed of light just doesn't work. I like the meandering. Finding out a bit about the person behind the art. Taking time to smell the roses they paint. Petting the lovable creatures crafted with clay. Trying on those hats with swirling plumes. Pouring a cup of tea at a table set with treasures from yesteryear. Yucking it up with their families. Handing them a tissue when life is difficult. This is why I visit. These folks are real. I am real.

You aren't seeing any of my own art on display here. It isn't that I don't wish to share, but I am not technilogically educated and am having difficulty with putting all the graphics stuff together. If it isn't the poor photographic ability, then it's the mechanics of this blog that hinder. For some reason, you can't click on an image and have it enlarge. Naw, I don't know why. Today. This information comes to me when it does. I'm not pushing. It'll probably stick with me longer if it comes creeping in and not by innundation. I'm ok with that.

So, without anything flashy or shiny I give you time. If you want to know me than you will need to slow down and snoop. Read what I have to share. Little thoughts about life's big moments. Big thoughts about life's little moments. Cuz let me tell you: I'm gonna snoop into your world. I'm going to read about the kitties and puppies. I will laugh when you spill the cake batter on the floor. There'll be a high-five when the kids catch their first fish. And I'll cry when all falls apart. This is the gift of time.

To any and all who come by. Thanks for snooping. Come by anytime. Don't worry about leaving a post. Do if you want, or don't. But thank you anyway. This has always been a hit-or-miss with me. Together we'll watch for developements as I get savvy with my blog. Cuz, I will.

Bright Blessings to All,


Jules said...

I wish I could put my thoughts as eloquently as that.

Carol said...

Very thoughtfully said. I am one of the supersonic carpet flyers who has loved dropping in on everyone. Now I am re-visiting and enjoying that experience also :)

Robin said...

What a beautiful post. I'm going to bookmark your blog right now so that I can come back and read more.

Bev Coffaro said...

How cool this is that you have been on my blog before this. I hope you have great luck in all the drawings.

Chriss Rollins said...

thanks for popping over and yes one very busy blog

chriss x

littlepurpleroom said...

HAHAHA I had to go tell Larry what you wrote about directions to your old place.
Hell, our road is even closed in the winter when it gets too slick on the hill. We ignored the sign the first year we were here and went that way to go to town and had the most awesome time fishtailing backwards on the ice, not to mention the sheer giddiness of almost going off the side of the road down the ravine.
Larry says we won't be trying that again. Big chicken.
Can't wait till you're on the carpet ride next year.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by and don't be a stranger. And thanks for the comment on my earrings and shop.
turn left at the pigs

highlight the address bar of the site you want to link to (up there where it says http:// something or other like, then right click on it and click 'copy'.
Go to the post you are writing and highlight the words you want to use like 'click here' or 'one world one heart' and highlight them go to the top of your post where it says html and compose and to the left of those tabs there are some icons,like a little picture and you will see a little thing looks like a chain, click on it and a little box will pop open. there will be an http:// already in it,hit your back button on your keyboard to erase it. then put your cursor in there and right click and your copied address will fill in the box. This will be where you will go when you click on the words you typed into your post. Hit ok and thats it.
Also in your customize area on your blog you can make linked words show up a different color so people will know they can click on the word.
I know this sounds confusing. Email me if I screwed it up and I will walk you through it.

Jenxo said...

Hey Tina, you should be a professional writer, you write so beautifully!

Just because your pictures arent clickable doesnt mean you shouldnt put your wonderful art work up.

[im still trying to find out but i need a pic up there!]

off to check owoh , its wonderful...jenxo

Pat said...

You paint a picture of a very caring person with your words.

I found you through Risa's OWOH blog post, thought it a great idea and I'm now following you. I have a feeling I shall enjoy the experience :)

Catherine said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for taking the time to leave me such a lovely comment!

I've had a quick 'snoop' around your blog and I love it! I'm now a follower!! I'll be back! (Didn't someone else say that!?!)