Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Special Times"

I don't have any special topic that I wish to write about. I have "itchy palms" tonight. I've been playing with some small art projects for the past few days and needed a break. But apparently my palms don't know when the mind needs a nap. So, I'm gonna "scribble" a few lines instead.

I'm frustrated. No, not the sexy kind, gutter brains! I am having one heck of a time trying to figure out some of the intricacies of this damn blog. I've been having a ball on the OWOH ride but there are so many blogs that I can't leave a comment on. The funny thing: MY stupid blog has the same kind of response "box" as those I can't access. How stupid is that? I make certain I'm signed in, I post the comment, and I get a response that tells me that I am not inputting the "visual verification" correctly. Now, I know what the visual verification is. It's the jumbled up letters that you have to type in. Well, I am not receiving any jumbled up letters to begin with. Can't put in what you're not given.

Now, the real reason this irks me is that there are people out there who's blogs are so cool, or their personality is really amazing and I want to keep in touch. Some of these folks have left comments on this blog. But, I can't get in touch with them because I can't leave a comment and there isn't an email address in their profile. I am going to try to figure out how to get a third party to intervene. Isn't this just the crappiest way to become friends? It reminds me of when I was in grade school: "Hey Brenda! I don't want to talk to Victor myself, would you tell him that I really like him?" I am almost 50 years old, wouldn't go back to grade school if you paid me and I just don't have time to go "blog-spelunking". IWANTABEAGROWNUP. (Foot stamping sounds inserted here) OK, OK. I promise not to act like such a baby, any more tonight.

It took a long time to get to this point and I guess I just wanted one technological thing to be easy. When, in truth, I don't usually trust that which comes....easy. I've found that the things I have to work hardest at are those which mean the most to me in the end. Yep, even this computer stuff. Most of the time, I don't know what I'm doing. I just click away merrily. Believing that things will be okay. Now, there have been, oh let's call them "special times" when stuff just goes poof. Really, poof. Leaving little smoke trails behind. Those "special times" eat up my writing, disappear my artwork, turn blues to greens, post photos upside down or lay them on their sides. Yep, having a computer is just freakin' grand. Truth? Still having a blast with it.

So, in the next week or so, I promise to have artwork posted on this site. Now, there aren't any guarantees that they won't be upside down. And I can promise that the photography will probably be crap-o-la. Or the scans will be itty bitty teeny tiny little pics. Cuz, that's what seems to happen. OR, everything will turn out just fabulous and will possibly elicit an "oooh" or an "aaaw" from some of you. And, if you're able to post a comment to my blog, in the stupid box that won't let ME post comments on others' blogs, well go ahead. Or if anyone has any tips or tricks to pass on......PLEASE, PLEASE do so. I promise to be very grateful although I may not be able to tell you so on your blog!

Kindness is never a weakness.


Jules said...

Don't worry, it takes time, but you do get used to it - and even when you think you know what you're doing Blogger will decide to play tricks on you! With Blogger blogs try clicking on "preview" when you've written your comment and it should show you a pop out box with the word verification under your new comment. Then you can click on "post comment" and hopefully it will work. Good luck!

AZviaTx said...

Jules, thanks for the tip. I have tried the preview option. Still a no-go. Blogger hates me and is being selective about which friends I get to make. Kinda like my Dad when I was growing up. Much appreciated.

AZviaTx said...

Did anyone notice that I could post a comment on my own blog, just not anyone else's with the same formatting. Craziness I tell ya, craziness.

Jenxo said...

hI Tina i think most of us click away merrily not knowing what we do!!

The blogger help forum is great and there is a nice person there just waiting to help with your picture size problem when you post some pics!

hope all is good with you ,i am enjoying visiting al the owoh blogs too , there are some amazingly talented people out in that big wide world....jenxo

Linda L. said...

We have emailed each other the past couple weeks many times about this annoying thingy you are dealing with. Sure hope someone can help you. Maybe Jen's suggestion about blogger help forum will help. To not be able to leave a comment on a blog that you have just finished reading and has inspired you in some way, then you quickly click on -comments- excited to share, type in your affirmations, and...nothing. Not good, very frustrating huh? You can go to their 'about me' profile and email them. Big hugs, LinLin

Cory said...

Thanks for the comment for are in.
Don't feel like the lone ranger..I am so pc challenged, but am getting braver every day.

Keep in touch, my email is on my profile.

Cory in Peoria, AZ

Dawn said...


Word verification is often called the scurge of blogland, so much time wasted inputting meaningless letters, used to avoid automatons sendng comments but has no other use really. I turned mine off long ago and there are often campaigns which spring up every now and again to turn off WV... LOL!
Not sure why you can't leave comments, sometimes I revisit the blog and success comment is posted!

ArtNomadix said...

Hi Thanks for the beautiful comment on my OWOH blog #13 on this years Magic Carpet ride.
It is really nice when someone actually does take time to have a look at the blog and not do just post madly in a 'treasure hunt'.
I have found it a good exercise this year as it pushed me to start a new painting in a small scale in preparation for a larger canvas sometime in the future. I have now painted a second version so I have one to keep too for future reference. I have my drawing block beside my laptop and have interspersed painting while computer takes it time to process.
keep at the growing of your computer and blogging skills..... I have just past out of 7x7th year and have never had any lessons.....teaching myself by trial and error. We are lucky to have been born into the '60s and so, have a toe hold into learning this new age communication, than some of the older generations. Yet I am teaching my 80 year old mother and she's getting the hang of it and it is excellent for her brain to learn something new.She has been transferring all her old slides on to her laptop so she can watch them on screensaver !
You managed to post on my Blog !!!Aaaah sometimes the word verification pops up a bit later, see if giving it some time helps.
Love Light and Rainbows
Megg from Australia