Monday, February 15, 2010

Back to Normal? Why?

One World One Heart is over. But that doesn't mean that we go back to our regular routines.
This event has a purpose. To connect. To share. To unite.

For me, the real event starts now.

All those wonderful bloggers who have been frenzied trying to keep up with all the comments left for them to ponder. Now, I get to go back and check out the closets, cubbyholes, nooks & crannies of each blog that I visited while on the mad carpet ride. All those hidden details that may have escaped me the first time through.

I made a new folder in my favorites and bookmarked all those amazing sites so that I could re-visit. I knew if I just added them without labelling, I would likely forget where I found them. I'd probably miss out on something and well....I can't have that now can I?

As a person who didn't have anything to giveaway I have benefited so much. So many whose blogs I visited, came over to say hello. Some gave advice for the technical difficulties of blog ownership. Most importantly: there were so many who gave support for the personal hardships that are encompassing my life. To each and everyone of you, I give my most sincere thanks. You have shown that the Blog-o-sphere is a tiny little village where everyone is a friend.

My blessings are many and to each I share a bit of that fortune.

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