Sunday, August 29, 2010

Girl is Back in Town!

Well...maybe not "Exactly" a girl but a female anyway.

It's been a long while but after fighting major health problems, a computer that finally "shit the bed", family concerns and a miscellany of other forms of crap-o-la; I have made it back to blogland.

New and improved less painful brain, PC complete with DSL (no more damn dial-up!),  good tidings on the family front and just off of a vacation that was much needed and mostly restful.  Big girly sighs all around.   I haven't been able to concentrate long enough to do much by way of art, but I have gotten my fingers dirty every now and then.  You know, just a reminder of what I'm missing.  My art consists of lots of stops & starts.  Small projects yet unfinished.  I hope that someday those little projects will mature into big 'ol honkin' full-scale art pieces.

I did facilitate a small art gathering at my place of employment on Saturday, 28th.  I made up small packets of pre-themed items for creating matchbox shrines.  Our company allows me to do these store sponsored events for our customers.  I had 10 sign up originally and 7 showed up.  And hey!  Two gentlemen even graced our tables.  That so rarely happens.  Lots of fun sharing what little I have taught myself as well as some of the wonderful tips and helpful suggestions I found online from so many fabulous bloggers.  Big thankies to ya' all. 

I am still having some issues with PC related stuff: mainly scanner/printer.  Lost the stupid disc somewhere and haven't found one online to download that doesn't have hidden costs attached to all that "FREE" nonsense being espoused.  (See above crap-o-la statement).  When my old computer went down it took with it all my pictures and scans of art traded away and gifted to others.  It also took all my pics of art send to me.  Luckily I have the real deal to gaze upon, but at this time unable to share the wealth with others.  Hey!  I'm working on it!  For any of you wonderful folks who have been so generous with your time by reading my  rants, raves, laments and other bitching blather, I'm back up and ready to delight you all!!  Or, maybe just piss ya off!  Which is always fun for opening up dialogue, I say. 

So, forgive me for falling out of touch but I will try harder to post more often and now that I can actually post to other sites, get ready for comments I may leave ya!

Stay safe and wonderful,

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