Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Cry "Uncle"

It's been forever and a day since I blasted away at the keyboard.  Since life decided, for me, that I had to shoulder so many burdens, I just haven't felt up to sharing a damn thing!  Yep, I typed a naughty word.  I wish there was a way to type cuss words that you could actually hear.  Without all the fancy technology like videos and other assorted gadgetry. (Is there an app for that?)  Cuz, that's just not gonna happen from this old gal.  I can't even get photos on any Blogger sites anymore.  And, I just don't care.  If I'm supposed to see all the fabulous art that all  my online favorites are doing, thereby enabling me to learn, experiment, experience, well then I guess the Goddess of Personal Computers will have to swoop in and FIX it all up for me.  I give up.  I have literally thrown my hands up and thrown in the towel.  "Uncle".  I cry Uncle.  I concede.  I am no longer interested in playing games with the World Wide Web.  It cheats.  There's an Ace hiding up its sleeve.  And, the damn thing has bodyguards.  Big, burly, snarling pitbull type entities.  Guarding the sacred entries to complete PC happiness.  And, I bet there's a big sign posted somewhere in the ether that states "Do not pass Go, Do not collect information". "Go directly to Jail".  And then call the Geek Squad.  You can't collect $200.00 because it's gonna cost you oh, so much more than that.  There may come a day when I stop signing on.  That will be the day when I turn on my computer, hook up to the Web and a message appears that says "Hello, Is anybody out there"?  Fade to black.  Bye-Bye.

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